Friday, 15 July 2016

Yesterday and Today

The first documented change of part was the replacement Yesterday and Today cover which was published reversed.

And the parting on the left are now the parting on the right

Interesting a walkin carries his hair characteristics into the new body.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Soul Exchange

The major clue is in plain sight

What is a walk in ?

A walk in is a soul exchange with another being ,either permanent or temporary.

Not like a Christian possession, it's a contract between two parties for usually a period of time.

The astral traveler we will look at takes over a body at around 21 and leaves before the 28th birthday.

Most original residents return at this time,Robert Johnson apparently didn't.

Walkin' Blues

“I went to the crossroad
Fell down on my knees,I went to the crossroad
Fell down on my knees;Asked the Lord above,Have mercy now,
Save poor Bob, if you please.”-
- Robert Johnson’s “Crossroad Blues”

Robert Johnson "droppin' the g "in Walkin'Blues

Friday, 17 June 2016

Her Majesty at the crossroads

Her Majesty which closes the last Beatles album recorded ,Abbey Road is Robert Johnson's They're Red Hot with different lyrics.

Now Robert Johnson will turn up a few times in our journey.
Robert Johnson who sold his soul at the crossroads.

James Penny Lane

Liverpool was a major slave trading port.

The traders sold goods in return for  slaves from Africa and shipped them to America.

Were the Beatles carrying on the tradition by selling slavery to America and the world?
Note the slave trader James Penny.
Penny Lane was named after him.The barber in Penny Lane is strangelyTony Slavin .

Penny Lane was released as a double A side with Strawberry Fields Forever a song about a Salvation Army Children's Home in Liverpool.

The lyrics to Penny Lane state we're in a play.
Strawberry Fields nothing is real.